Outbound Learning (OBL)

Team-Building Program (1 & 2 day)

The fun based and high intensity OBL team-building program is ideally suited for organizations to build and manage high performing teams to deliver consistent results. The teams are propelled into action, enabling interactions through a range of scientifically simulated light physical activities invoking excitement and generating enormous team spirit to meet team 'objectives' under tight timelines.

Main Highlights/Program Outcome:

  • Improves Interpersonal skills
  • Build trust within the team
  • Helps in planning and Strategizing
  • Motivating workforce and Optimizing Resources
  • Problem solving and Decision Making



"It is a serene outdoor, very beautifully kept & a lot of green & space for us to loosen up. We techies needed this exact environment. The services are good & we like it that the place has been decorated in a simple way. The only concern is that we would like to have a BBQ the next time we visit!"
-Anasuiya (21 July, 2012)