Outbound Learning (OBL)

Cherry Trees introduces exciting, adrenaline pumping and confidence boosting OBL programs that are designed to overcome and shatter personal limitations by reigniting the indomitable spirit within you. Our outbound learning programs facilitate learning through real life experiences, providing an ideal platform for organisations to strengthen their cohesiveness and espirit-de-corps through bonding and learning.

The invigorating, risk-free and stimulating activities designed to cater to real life working scenarios are backed by expert facilitation, helps to catalyse 'self and group learning' and are effective in leaving behind a long-lasting impression.

These programs can be customised to clinically address your organization's specific challenges ranging from team building to leadership, conflict management to effective communication skills.

Team-Building Program (1 & 2 day)

Campus to Corporate Program (2 days)

Emerging Leaders' Program (ELP) - (2 days)

Family Program (One day)

De-stressing and Healing or Holistic Healing

"It is a serene outdoor, very beautifully kept & a lot of green & space for us to loosen up. We techies needed this exact environment. The services are good & we like it that the place has been decorated in a simple way. The only concern is that we would like to have a BBQ the next time we visit!"
-Anasuiya (21 July, 2012)