In Cherry Trees one never has to wait for the monsoons to have fun getting wet in the rain. We have a rain-dance area to fulfill those summer cravings as well as a swimming pool complete with a twelve foot tall waterfall. The fun does not stop there. We have a wide assortment of indoor games like chess, cards, carom, table tennis, karaoke and outdoor games ranging from cricket to paintball to badminton.

Cherry Trees also houses an A/c Multipurpose Hall that can accommodate up to a 100 people and often doubles up as a discotheque. For the comfort of your stay, there are 15 double bed rooms to choose from and a serene restaurant area where you are served delicious dishes.

"We stayed here for 2 days. The place is very refreshing. We enjoyed the stay very happily. Thank you very much"

-Mr. Mathur
(1 July, 2012)