Outbound Learning (OBL)

Campus to Corporate Program (2 days)

A focused program for freshers, it primarily aims at brining about a behavioural transition from a state of "independency to inter-dependency" in their professional life. Encouraging creativity and innovation, the program triggers zeal and enthusiasm by challenging their physical, mental and emotional capacities and prowess.

It sheds their pre-conceived notions of one-up-man-ship by instilling values of cooperation, team work and team goals over personal goals.

Main Highlights/Program Covers

  • Interpersonal Skills and Teamwork
  • Proactively giving and seeking help
  • Solving problems in teams
  • Setting and meeting stretch goals
  • Ownership
  • Alignment to organisational work culture
  • Adapting to Change
  • Basic planning and time management


"It is a serene outdoor, very beautifully kept & a lot of green & space for us to loosen up. We techies needed this exact environment. The services are good & we like it that the place has been decorated in a simple way. The only concern is that we would like to have a BBQ the next time we visit!"
-Anasuiya (21 July, 2012)