About Us

Cherry Trees is a private farmhouse that stretches over 20 acres of scenic country-side landscape. Situated a few kilometers to the north of the International airport away from the stress and noise of the city life, it offers an ideal escape for you and your loved ones. With the typical Bangalorean climate and the fresher, cleaner air of the country-side, visiting Cherry Trees will surely be a pleasant change for you.

Apart from our Hospitality Services, we do specialize in adding creativity and imagination to everything we do, making your stay unique and memorable. We invite you to visit Cherry Trees, experience adventure, reconnect with peace and make sweet memories.

This was the best party I have ever been to from the Karaoke, the Discotheque, the tea and bajees, the pics, the cool pool with the waterfall, the wine bottles and the warm farewells!!!

(11 Aug, 2012)